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Here are all six of my "Regency Rewards" written as Jean R. Ewing.
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The Regency Rewards
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"Absolutely splendid hero... one of the best Regencies I've read." - Rendezvous

Winner: Award of Excellence

 Nominated: Romantic Times Best First Regency

His horse almost ran her down on the moor. He broke into the house to steal the jewelry, but then stole a kiss from Kate Hunter, the vicar's daughter and his aunt's companion. Brilliant horseman, swordsman, daredevil, Charles de Dagonet has returned to Exmoor to try to clear his name.

Now "Devil" Dagonet is determined to seduce innocent Kate to his cause. How can she possibly resist him when she's determined to solve the mystery of his scandalous past and when he's the most fascinating gentleman she's ever met?



"Another superstar to cherish!" 4½ Stars Rave Reviews Romantic Times

Nominated: Romantic Times Best Regency

Finalist: HOLT Medallion Best Regency


Captain Richard Acton returns from the Peninsula with a promise and a secret. The promise leads him to marry a stranger. His secret he'd rather forget.

Left penniless, Helena Trethaerin dreads marrying her odious cousin, until a handsome cavalry officer rides into her garden to demand she wed him instead. It’s easy to fall in love with Richard Acton, even though he isn't the simple soldier he seems to be. But when unknown enemies threaten his life, Helena's captivating new husband fears she conspires to betray him. Now she faces adventure, danger, and heartbreak, simply because she loves....

"A brilliant star. Her unique plot is loaded with intrigue, mystery, adventure and romance. Superbly crafted characters... a most satisfying read." - Affaire de Coeur


"I was swept along to the end and the rest of my activities could go to the devil! One of the finest treasures of the genre." - Mary Balogh

Finalist: HOLT Medallion Best Regency


When Lady Eleanor Acton encounters a handsome stranger late at night at an inn, she really shouldn't enjoy kissing him. For as the illegitimate son of an earl, the devastatingly attractive Leander Campbell is a rogue who is entirely ineligibleand now she fears he may try to blackmail her.

Lee has sworn to unmask the real villain, and now only Eleanor can help him. When they are swept together into adventure and intrigue, must passion yield to the stern demands of honor and duty? Or will Eleanor find way to win the heart and hand of the one true love of her life?

"Full of twists and turns, wonderful from beginning to end, and Leander is a hero to die for." - Rendezvous


"Marvelous . . . Michael is the embodiment of a woman's secret longings, insightful, commanding, gentle. (Like) a fine brandy, full, bodied, smooth, delicious and leaving me wanting more ... a delight." - Rendezvous


Outrageous enough that Michael, Lord Deyncourt, shot down provocative Miss Jessica Whinburn in a snowstorm even if his arrogance did keep her from hanging! Even more vexing, he instantly carried her off on his horse, then added insult to injury by offering to make her his mistress.

Defiantly independent Jessica is furious, but how can she resist the attractions of the most devastatingly elegant earl in Regency London, when every time she unwittingly scandalizes high society, he rescues her again?

Alas, when enemies weave devious schemes, can Jessica find the courage to sacrifice her heart to save him?


"Shines with excellence … another irresistible hero." – Romantic Times

Finalist: Holt Medallion Best Regency

Finalist: National Readers' Choice Award 

Miss Prudence Drake, sensible Scottish governess, is appalled to find a handsome stranger washed up on the beach, especially when she must flee to England to escape a little boy's wicked guardian.

The silver-tongued rogue claims to have lost his identity, but he hasn't lost his charm. Is he a careless rake, a French spy, or someone quite different?

When this nameless aristocrat helps her escape—pursued by dangerous adversaries—Prudence will face a perilous adventure in more ways than one. Can she trust this dark-haired stranger not to claim her innocent heart?


"Intriguing and witty ... a cloak and dagger of the highest quality. One for the keeper shelf." - The Literary Times

Winner: RITA AWARD Best Regency

Nominated: Romantic Times Best Regency

Fitzroy, Lord Tarrant, is trapped in a deadly game of passion and intrigue with some very dangerous ladies, and hiding a vital secret of his own.

But when his scapegrace younger brother elopes with Lady Joanna Acton, Fitzroy must intervene, though Joanna's soldier brother is his mortal enemy.

Alas, Joanna's impetuous elopement means a hasty wedding to the wrong man! Torn by family loyalties, yet fascinated by glimpses of humor and warmth, can she ever love an unwanted husband with an unforgivable past, who keeps vampire hours and is bound to betray her?