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Award-winning author of Regency and Historical Romance

Winner of the Rita Award for Best Regency

Romantic Times Best Historical Romance of the Year Award

Two Colorado Book Awards

Exciting, powerful, full of passion, emotion and adventure, yet with many deeper layers of meaning, romance often compared to Jo Beverley, Dorothy Dunnett, Laura Kinsale or Mary Jo Putney.

Romance, Adventure, Intrigue, History: Jean Ross Ewing is now Julia Ross

For all future news, please go to my new web site at juliaross.net.

Meanwhile, here's some history: In 1998 in an unprecedented move for them, Berkley released my first long historical romance ILLUSION by Jean Ross Ewing as a lead title. The double award-winning FLOWERS UNDER ICE  followed in 1999. In August 2000 my publishers stepped up their support with a brand new "look" for MY DARK PRINCE, a Jove lead with a fabulous step-back cover and a new pseudonym: Julia Ross.  In June 2002, Berkley  released THE SEDUCTION by Julia Ross as my first trade paperback.  THE SEDUCTION went back to press for a second printing almost immediately and several more Berkley romances have followed since then!  Thank you, readers!

"Your books are clever, intelligent, perceptive and beautiful. They require the reader to think while they ravish the senses and build castles of dreams in your heart."

My first three Berkley/Jove novels are all based in England or Scotland during the Regency (the time of the Napoleonic wars). The most important ingredient is always a to-die-for hero and his passionate romance with an interesting heroine, but these are not simplistic stories. I like to weave in some real intrigue and mystery, some deeper echoes of allegory and myth, along with some very high emotional stakes, to create a multi-layered romance that I hope is worth reading over and over again.  THE SEDUCTION is a Georgian romance set entirely in England, where a man who’s about to lose everything has less than a week to win the favors of a lady he’s never met.

Before I began writing for Berkley, I wrote six Regency romances (Rewards) for Zebra Books.

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THE SEDUCTION by JULIA ROSS (2002) My new pseudonym

MY DARK PRINCE by JULIA ROSS (2000) My new pseudonym

FLOWERS UNDER ICE (1999) "Darkly passionate." Publishers Weekly "Starred" review.  Winner Colorado Book Award, Romantic Times Best Historical Romance of the Year

ILLUSION (1998) "The decade's most spellbinding novel."

The Regency Rewards (1994 - 1997)

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