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  Welcome, Readers!

If you're already a loyal fan, welcome and many, many thanks for your wonderful support over the years. Many of you already know me as "Julia Ross," author of passionate historical romances. Yet before I wrote those eight novels, I published six shorter Regency romances, which I wrote as "Jean R. Ewing" for Zebra Books.

At last, at last, I can begin offering E-Books!

And I'm starting with those early Regencies.

"A green, and flowery, and sunshiny world," wrote Mary Russell Mitford, remembering Regency England.

And that's where I love to spend my time as a writer, in that unspoiled green landscape before the Industrial Revolution really took hold. Yet the Regency was also a time of rakes and dandies, of Lord Byron and Jane Austen, of the waltz and house parties, of social upheaval and highwaymen, and the duel at dawn. So it's a wonderful setting for romance.

My six Regency Rewards involve a group of Wellington's intelligence officers returning to England from the Napoleonic wars. Though each book stands alone, some of the stories are linked and favorite characters recur in several of them. Though the love story is always the heart of each book, the stories also involve action, mystery, and adventure. As a reviewer once said of my Regencies, "There's no mincing about at Almack's..."

Though I have absolutely nothing against Almack's!

But I hope you'll enjoy a little wicked humor, a plot full of intrigue, a brilliant heroine, and a hero to die for. Though passionate and moving, the love scenes are generally not explicit.

Scandal's Reward and Virtue's Reward are available to buy now at

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My very first book, Scandal's Reward was nominated for three awards, including Romantic Times Best First Regency, and won the Award of Excellence.

Rogue's Reward will be available by May 1, 2015

Valor's Reward will be available by June 1, 2015

My Reward novels may be classified as "sweet" Regencies, but as with most of my books, they are anything but completely "traditional." Enjoy! 

As soon as I can, I'll also be creating E-Books for my historical romances, written as Julia Ross, every one of which garnered a "Top Pick" review from Romantic Times—that's right, every single one of them!

                 Thank you, readers! 

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"Brilliant ... I am in awe!" - Mary Balogh

"Exciting, enthralling, wonderfully-written romance." - Jo Beverley

"One of the most powerful voices in historical romance." - Mary Jo Putney

"Another superstar to cherish!"

"An absolutely splendid hero... one of the best Regencies I've read in ages." RENDEZVOUS

"I was swept along to the end and the rest of my activities could go to the devil! A master storyteller ... in the forefront of Regency writers ... one of the finest treasures of the genre." MARY BALOGH

"Jean Ewing is a genius ... incredible ... perfection ... wonderful and impossible to put down. I can't get enough of her writing." AFFAIRE DE COEUR
    Winner of the

Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Regency

Romantic Times
Best Historical Romance of the Year

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Colorado Romance Writers' Award of Excellence

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