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  Dear Readers,

May 24, 2016. About Jo Beverley:

The entire Regency world is devastated right now by the recent death of Jo Beverley, one of the most beloved of all Regency authors. Mary Jo Putney has shared a heartfelt tribute to Jo on the Word Wenches blog. Please visit it, if you haven't already:

I write this today through tears and with a broken heart. I am honored that I could count Jo as a friend, as well as a fellow Regency author. We were both British, born in the same year. Though we had each left our native land for the New World, we had never lost our love of England and of historical romance, and so we formed a natural connection.

Jo and I met first on the phone in 1994. I already loved Jo's books and had just joined a Regency writers' group, where she was featured in a newsletter. When I read how much she, too, admired Dorothy Dunnett, I called her out of the blue. She could not have been kinder. When she heard that I'd already sold my own first Regency, due out later that year, she offered to give me a quote, but only if she genuinely liked my book!

That was Jo! Generous, thoughtful, but a person of absolute integrity. She was also great fun. We met later at many conferences over the years. We traced a sacred maze together in California. We indulged in a seafood feast in Victoria, her home in Canada. After she moved back to England, she and her husband welcomed my husband and me to their home in Dawlish. They took me out for the day on my next visit to England, when my husband couldn't come. We walked together around a Regency house with lovely grounds, and strolled across those green English fields.

She had already made a remarkably brave and strong recovery from the cancer that had threatened her life a few years before. I had no idea that it had returned, or that it would take her from us so quickly. I feel as if a great void has opened in the world.

Even after I quit writing new books, generous, lovely Jo never stopped supporting me. On our last visit, over tea and cake, she said, "Let me know when you have all your Regencies available again, and I'll give a shout-out to my readers."

Jo, I thought we had all the time in the world. But of course, we never do. Yet, though your time ran out before I could tell you, all my Regency Rewards are available as e-books, at last. I promise that I'm working on the long historical romances, too, the books you encouraged me to write.


"A green, and flowery, and sunshiny world," wrote Mary Russell Mitford, remembering Regency England.

Jo, may you always live on in that green and sunshiny world! You have spread so much joy to so many of us. Thank you!

                 And thank you, readers! 

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